Who Has Surprised Me?

I have a little present I’d like to give all my readers today, and that gift is this journal entry. For the first time in what seems like a very, very long time, I will be writing this journal entry about someone other than myself! If you just let out an audible sigh of relief, believe me when I say that I am right there alongside you, you see the ironic part about CAS and IB in general is that while you become undeniably more conscience about your world and community, you also do A LOT of self reflection and in many ways become more self-involved. You become extremely focused on grades and performance, and this often leads to a more self-involved mindset, especially for someone like me who is very personally oriented and academically focused to begin with. Anyways, seeing as how I’ve already spent a hundred and fifty words talking about how I wont talk about myself, I’d like to take this opportunity to appreciate and praise someone who has recently been instrumental in my project progress and mental sanity in general. This person is Ananda Folger, a senior and fellow La Paz alum who until about 3 weeks ago I merely considered a close friend and source of positive energy. Ananda is well know for her drive and productive nature, as well as her incredibly kind attitude and smiles even at the toughest reasons. It was these factors that made me very, very excited when she asked if she could help with my CAS project, and I must say that the results have been absolutely incredible. I knew Ananda was going to be helpful and involved, but the sheer amount she has done to ensure the continued strength, regularity, and success of my CAS project is nothing short of astounding. She has helped ensure that my international trivia night is set to go smoothly, and I have experienced a lot of anxiety surrounding the entire event, anxiety that was only countered by Ananda’s support and excellent planning (and color coding) skills! I am very surprised by her commitments and in general I would say that she will undoubtedly go on to be a key force in this project. Thank you Ananda!

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