Journal Entry #27 – Noah

So far in my project we have come across many challenges and triumphs with the help of different people and the support of Ms. Amy. But, although we have asked for the help of other people it can be said that Luis and I have put by far the most time and effort (Which makes sense because it’s our project). As we have created an actual schedule and started working on our plot i’ve noticed a push of motivation in Luis and I. This motivation is partly from seeing our project finally start being something more than a plan but also about how we have helped each other (luis and I) become better partners and communicators. So far in the project someone who has inspired me would be my partner Luis, with his quick thinking and expertise in many niche topics. One moment where my inspiration was sparked was when luis enlisted the help of his father for one of our Wednesday work sessions. This inspired me because, as said earlier, we have taken on the help of many in this project but all of them were related to the project through either school or helping organizations; Luis’s dad was our first real working and helping hand on the ground and with the help of his truck and advice we completed many tasks. Luis’s initiative to ask his dad for help inspired me to do the same and to start thinking about who else might be interested in our project and who else may want to lend some help, of any kind.

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