In What Ways Does Your Consciousness Need To Shift? How Does Cas Help With That?

My Consciousness has already changed so much I feel that my respect for others has increased dramatically, I don’t believe myself better than anyone I believe myself that all people have knowledge to share and that this sounds very cheesy but I feel like the way you experience the world is certainly different when you age and I feel that it has changed with age i’ve gotten a lot older but also the garden allows me to almost get into a state of meditation it allows me to work with plants and on my farm and just think. I’m able to process what happened that day, that week, that month and what I need to do. Your consciousness is your life story, it changes and your mind is full of changed values and experiences , your self esteem changes everything changes and the garden allows me to be way more peaceful because I have learned that I have no control over anything, we are controlled by mother nature and I have experienced my plants dying off but also the amazing amount of growth that has occured and it makes me super happy to see life growing right in front of me with the only thing that I can do is help it but I have no real control over it, if it dies it dies and there is nothing I can do about it .

Created By: Lionel Scheidt, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Hydro Nature

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