In what ways does your consciousness need to shift?
Concoiusness is simply being aware of the big and small things around you that can affect the way our world works. Many people nowadays don’t have the conciousness they should, regarding our planet, our people and our world in general. Slowly but surely we are all evolving as humans and trying to better ourselves and our communities, specifically in Guanacaste Costa Rica for example, people are trying to reduce the use of plastic straws in communities and replacing them with paper to ensure the safety of the wildlife and to reduce pollution. This would be an example of having ethical conciousness towards our planet. More specifically CAS can help with becoming more conciouss because it forces us to see things on wider retrospect ( Seeing the bigger picture ) which allows us to become more open minded and see things differently with a different perspective, it makes you realize how lucky you are and it creates awareness for global significance and ethicality. Since nobody is perfect, there are many ways in which we can better ourselves as humans, and by being role models to others. Switching conciousness is probably not a one step process but the result will create more positivity than it will negativity, which overall is another step to changing our outlook on the simple things. For me specifcically I think I need to remind myself all the privelages we have not only personally but socially, in terms of having supportive members of the community, family and friends that are always there for us in times of need. Not only that but CAS allows us to make a change for the greater good while leaving space for areas of prefereance that we want to look at specifically. So in my case The youth center was an opportunity that I didn’t have to neccesarily fall through with, but it struck me as an idea that has potential and that could benefit our community for the greater good, which is what CAS is all about. It allowed to be more open minded, take more risks and to work collaberitvely with the people around me switching my overall conciousness.

Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Terraza Youth Center

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