Journal Entry #29- Luis Felipe

Selfishness and egocentricity are attitudes that completely antagonize everything which CAS stands for, this is not thinking about yourself,and not even only about your community, but reflecting on worldwide issues and taking action to create creative solutions to these problems and start implementing them in you community. I think CAS is an important subject as it helps students comprehend the real world by allowing and encouraging them to think about ways that they can make significant changes to our world. By doing this it helps people eliminate any selfishness at least in this aspect of their lives and focus on helping others, throughout this course it helps see how important this changes are and how meaningful they can be for people in need, things that you might not even consider useful for yourself, are invaluable to others, and by experiencing this it helps you eliminate the selfish mindset that you might have because it shows you first hand how valuable being selfless is, and the impact it can have on our world.

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