I initially began to work alongside my cousin Martin, when he proposed this I was extremely excited and motivated to follow through knowing I would have his support along the way. After we began the project it was becoming more difficult to establish meetings with him and to ensure that we were working effectively. For a moment I was confused and didn’t know how to proceed this was until my mom reached out to me and told me that she would be more than willing to work on the project with me. I choose to describe this as a lack of egocentricity and selfishness that many people posses in our world.Although there is a stigma that negativity is extremely prominent in our current society due to the tragedies occurring. Although this may be true there are many people such as my mom who are willing to devote their time in order to create a better world. This is a perfect example of that. My mom was willing to use her own (precious) time is order to help me achieve my goals. She put aside her own time in order to ensure that I succeed. This has inspired and motivated me to continue working hard on my project in order to demonstrate to her that what she is doing is extremely meaningful to me. This demonstrates how one positive and selfless act can cause a domino effect and help others do the same. It takes one acto if kindness to inspire millions more. If we all learn to be selfless at times in our lives and help others we can help revolutionize the way our society works. We can create a positive and love based society that is driven to improve our world and the people within it. This week has also been a strong week for my project. I have finally found the fish! I will be retiring them on thursday and adding them to my project which will help me continue to move forward and motivate me to work harder. The more I continue my project the less assistance I need from my mom which shows how her selflessness has helped not only my project but als shapes me to be a better person and entrepreneur.

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