Wow, it has certainly been a while (or maybe it feels like it because IB has this strange effect of slowing down time). Either way, my CAS project has grown tremendously in these last few weeks and I am very excited for the final conference in ONE WEEK! Since my last blog post, I’ve successfully assigned all participants countries and topics, sent out the background guides, helped students with their research, and coordinated with teachers to ensure that this conference goes smoothly. Its cost me a few late nights and headaches, but with the end of the first phase in sight I can tell you that it feels incredible. Of course, as I said above, this progress did not come easily and I have certainly learned some valuable lessons in time management and procrastination. A perfect example is the topic guide I created for each committee that consisted of detailed descriptions of country assignments, topics, and chairs. I decided that I would be able to do all of these guides in a single night and let me tell you my poor old sleep schedule paid dearly. Did I get them done? Well of course I did. But I certainly learned that on long term projects it truly is difficult to stay motivated, especially with IB and other activities that I am constantly keeping up with. It is truly rewarding to see students excited for my MUN, and I have carefully crafted the committees and assignments to ensure good, healthy, engaging debate that will have everyone feeling more confident and more knowledgeable about the world around us. I am sooo excited to see this conference and really make my mark on the school, and I know that our community will benefit in more ways than I can put on paper. All in all, I’m ready to push through these last couple of weeks and finish the first phase of my project. I’ve even got a brand new suit and you know what they say, the power is in the suit!

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