Past Three Weeks

The past 3 weeks haven’t been the most eventful weeks in terms of the center, but we have been working on small improvements that need to be made for the future. Already the center has developed in terms of comfort, we now have fans new tables, new chairs and other new items in the center. I have been working on the settling the campaign, and figuring out potential events in the future, we’ve also been working on settling the CPR class that we want to have at the center. Through all these experiences I have learned how to work better with others, I’ve learned how to be more responsible and it has improved my communication skills. Our next step with the center would probably have to be our market, because while many people know the youth center exists, some don’t find the interest in coming for events or come at all because they think it will have a certain effect on their “status”. This is more of an internal problem since we can’t control who is coming or not, but we can find ways to reduce this problem by demonstrating in our marketing that the youth center is for all teenagers who want to have fun be safe and socialize with their friends. I personally have grown as an individual personally and professionally because I can now view things on a wider perspective and understand them through different lenses and views which is beneficial because in the business world and even personal being more open minded will allow for more opportunities and more stable relationships. Even through this will improve even more with time, I feel as if I am now able to see things differently. From my perspective I think our next step should be finding younger generations who are interested in taking over, finding ways to market better, providing more recreational products for the center, and finally getting the logo on the wall. Overall we are evolving slowly but surely, and I am positive that if we make those tiny changes it will trigger big opportunities.

Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Terraza Youth Center

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