My Progress In The Past 3 Weeks

My project is very close to its final stages in terms of its structure, in the past 3 weeks it has been all about finishing up the structure and getting everything ready for the fish to have a safe environment to live in. There was a new element added to the project that happened over the past week. A fiberglass water tank stopped working that used to belong to the Playa Grande ASADA and was left abandoned, when I came across the tank I discussed the idea of it becoming part of my project with my mom whom is the president of the ASADA and she told me that it was a great idea and that same day we cut the tank and loaded it back to my house. Now that I have a bigger tank for the fish to live it I feel much better about the ethical considerations of my project. Now that the fish have a bigger tank it will result in a more balanced environment for the tilapia to live in now that they will have more space. I remain to have​ the opportunity to collect the fish and now that my project is running that is my next step. I also have to start germinating my plants. From my previous research, I have found that the plants I should begin germinating in order for them to be ready to transfer when the fish come are radishes and cilantro. I attempted to germinate cilantro a few weeks ago and it tragically failed, yet I know it is possible to do because I have done it many times in the past. I just have to try again. With all of this being said I am proud of where I have gotten and wish to furthermore continue with my progress and get the fish this week; as well as germinating my two first test plants. I also have to make sure I have all the kits (tests) necessary to keep the water in safe ranges for the fish to survive, those tests include ones such as the Ph and ones to test for nitrogen levels in the water. This process in general has helped me grow because this is one of the classes that had taught me the most in regards of independence because it’s up to me to complete my project and when I am productive it reflects positive results and when I’m not productive it does the complete opposite and that is not what I want to do. This teaches me an important lesson on personal priorities and how to handle my time efficiently.

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