Vacation Journal Entry: Activity Tri Ii

This vacation my family and I went to California, specifically Los Angeles to attend my sisters wedding. It was a very exciting, emotional and heartwarming experience to see my sister fall in love and get married. What was so special about that wedding were the reasons they chose their venue, colors and other aspects that created more meaning. The venue was indoor/outdoor with flower walls and colorful boho style which was a really cool idea and really fit their relationship, when they said their vows that’s when we all realized that their “Really” getting married and that’s when all the emotions settled in. This experience has reminded me about the beautiful things in life and it has brought to my attention how quickly time goes by and to really cherish the present moment. In CAS, specifically the Youth Center one of the most important things are being able to enjoy the project while maintaining efficiency, productivity and motivation, this reminded me of this because when someone gets married, it’s a lifetime commitment to love and happiness, and in CAS it’s a 18 month commitment to doing something you love that will benefit communities around you. And while it might not always be the smoothest times, neither will marriage which is why teamwork is one of the most important components to overcoming obstacles and difficult situations as a married couple overcomes theirs. For that matter I thought this wedding was a perfect example of a CAS summarization because not only did I grow and learn new things by attending this wedding, but it also allowed me to make connections to relevant topics that are going on in my life on the daily.

Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

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