Journal Entry #29- Vacation- Creative

Something creative that I did this break was the sport of surfing. Alongside airplane / car travel and looking at colleges this is what took up most of my time especially right after school ended. The waves were good and I was feeling energized and excited to be done with the second trimester. But, where does creativity come in to play in surfing and to find more answers to this question is where the deep analyzation of you mind and body while surfing. To start out with the very simple ways in which surfing relates to creativity is in the actual movement that you do on the wave. Each wave is unique and each surfer is unique so it is this combination of spontaneity that creates the creative experience. In a way the wave is flowing and being creative, creating ramps and shoulders; at the same time the human is being creative and responding to the oceans lead. Choosing the line of which to smoothly pass down the wave and deciding when to gouge at the wall of the wave like a powerful brush stroke. But when looking deeper (specifically for me and my experiences) the ocean, waves, wind and surfboard all work together to test you yet help you have fun. The sport is more of a challenge and helps you grow life skills in a holistic way. There are many niche sports like Tactile sports that need focus and mind stamina and brute force sports where you need strength, Surfing is one sport that involves all of these skills. After surfing I feel my mind and body reacting to the world differently and in a more creative and inquisitive manner. The surfing in the beginning of the break and towards the end has helped me develop and strengthen my creative side while giving me joy and a break.

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