To me service is the basis of CAS. It sees to be what most people focus on in these project. This is probably due to the satisfaction that is received when you help those around you. Over this break have not been able to participate in large scale events to help service our world but i have been able to do little things. This means when I go to the beach I pick up the plastic. When I go to a restaurant I pick a healthy meal. When I don’t fit into clothes anymore I give them to people who need them. These little things add up and each piece of service improves someone’s live. I thought that this was a really cool part of my break. It helped me remember how lucky I am and how easy it is to give back to those that need a little extra help. At La Paz we are all granted an amazing opportunity: education and a community that truly cares. Through CAS I have learned innovative ways to give back to this community and improve others in order to better our world.

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