My Goals And Inspiration For T3

Hello all! Following my slightly confusing but hopefully insightful reflection on leadership and IB, I’ve decided to write my final journal entry of break on my goals and expectations for the third trimester. My initial goal is that I want this to be my best trimester yet. Now I know that may sound very cliché and typical, but I truly believe that through a new mindset and some new strategies I will be able to finish junior year with a bang. Finishing with a bang will likely alleviate a decent portion of the stress and anxiety associated with IB, and it will show my teachers that I am serious and committed to scoring as high as possible, regardless of past scores/school history. Of course the only way to achieve such a broad goal is by setting concrete, smaller goals that will serve as progress and confidence boosters. The first of these goals is to achieve an A in my TOK essay and presentation. Though Mr Abel has made it clear that such high scores are anything but common, I have demonstrated proficiency in TOK so far and I plan on honing my skills to create the most engaging, thoughtful presentation possible. My second goal is to begin writing the extended essay and map out a more detailed plan that will allow me to become more focused on the EE and less stressed. My third goal involves changing my morning routine and in reality my entire mindset as a whole. I’m going to do this by making simple changes to my room such as putting inspirational quotes on the wall, mirror, and maybe even doing morning affirmations. I was very fortunate this vacation, as I was able to take a trip to Spain with some family where I practiced Spanish, learned incredible history, and got my first chance to truly de stress. This opportunity as well as a new book I’m reading have given me new perspectives on IB and how it is more of a test to prove myself and an opportunity to succeed rather than two years of “suffering”. All in all I truly believe that this trimester will be the best yet, and I look forward to meeting it head on!

“And so I laugh in the face of any challenges foolish enough to face me.” – Dwight Schrute, The Office

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