Update #2

When obstacles came in my way during the project, I first tried resolving this problem on my own and finding strategies to overcome them. If that didn’t work I asked my team members what they thought and their ideas to overcome it. Usually with the help of my teammates we were able to find a way to resolve the problem, but if not that’s when I would ask for help from the teacher. If the obstacle derived from not being able to work collaboratively with my team members I would sit down with them and discuss where the problem was coming from so that we were able to talk it out and resolve the problem as a team. Sometimes we had to have meetings in order to fix things that weren’t working out, for example if our marketing advertising needed to be improved we would sit down and find strategies in order to improve this problem. This helped us have structure and a basis for whenever something wasn’t going as planned, Working collaboratively has also been a skill we’ve probably used the most and we’ve learned so much from it that it will benefit us in other situations of life, If we don’t come across any obstacles as a team we won’t learn how to face reality in the future when something more serious might happen and we will need to face the consequences, this is why obstacles allow us to open up our mind and teach us that there is always a plan B even if things go opposite of how they planned to go. This has taught me so much on not only becoming more responsible but also how to face situations that aren’t always the easiest in a workplace.

Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Terraza Youth Center

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