Identify Own Strengths And Areas For Growth.

My current schedule for my CAS project is twice a week I attempt to go Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday 30-40 minutes to give the plants nutrients and general care taking. Friday is 45-1 hour for more addition of plant, project management and addition of new concept and changes.
How did I feel while planning my project?
I felt really excited when I started my project, because I believed that I was going to start a big change in the world. I had that happy giddy feeling in my stomach and I just saw that vision in my brain, but have not noticed how hard it was going to be. Which I noticed after the first few weeks of talking to the many hardware shops, the general planning that went into the project but in the end it just really workout for me which I’m really happy of. Now what I’m doing is trying to improve the garden and make the different areas more efficient.
Show Commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences.
When there were obstacles in my way, how did I overcome them?
My first obstacle in my CAS experience was that I had no clue about plants, hydroponics and the general gardening. That was for me the hardest thing to overcome because I had to learn it and you can only learn so much from the internet the rest is trial and error because hydroponics is fairly new in this world and not a whole lot of information is out there. So what I tried first was different plants it started with Arugula, spinach and Eggplant. The spinach did great it is now super healthy and green and the 100 plants that I have now produce a whole lot of spinach. The arugula died off after the first week or so and the Egg plants did not do so well in the beginning, but they managed to make a full recovery and now have really healthy fruits that are soon ripe enough to harvest. The other obstacles that I ran into a lot was the water and how to make in more efficient how to give the tubes equally the same amount of water. Which to this point is still a work in progress.

Created By: Lionel Scheidt, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Hydro Nature

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