Risk Management Journal Entry

This CAS project has been very difficult in the construction because we had to cut the plastic tubes with power drills and than we had to drill the 20cm holes which we had to use a power drill for. But we had many plans for it for one, we always had safety gear on: glasses, gloves and latches to hold down the tubes. We would also always be really careful and would try to make sure no one gets hurt. When we finished the construction we did not have that many risks that we would run into. The Risk that I have is not to myself but to the plants because I have a pest problem and I believe I got it down to whiteflies which are “Common on indoor plants, tomatoes and in greenhouses, the whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum) is a sap-sucking insect that is often found in thick crowds on the undersides of leaves. When infested plants are disturbed, great clouds of the winged adults fly into the air. Both nymphs and adults damage plants by sucking the juices from new growth causing stunted growth, leaf yellowing and reduced yields.” and the best way to control them is with either another predatory bug such as lady bugs which I will be looking into but as a short term solution I will be washing the plants with soap to try and get rid of the bugs.

Created By: Lionel Scheidt, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Hydro Nature

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