Risk Management

As the leaders of the Terraza Youth Center we have to be aware of the risks and potential dangers that come with being leader’s of this project. More specifically, Terraza is a high risk project meaning it comes with a lot of perks in terms of liability and responsibility. Since the center is located in the heart of Tamarindo this mean that there is a higher chance of danger due to it being a tourist attraction, recreational spot and the exposure to the night life makes it difficult to control. Some risks specifically that revolve around it, are teenagers being more exposed to drugs and alcohol, Teenagers are able to just leave when they want without letting us know where and why they’re leaving and then of course there are physical dangers such as falling down the upstairs of Terraza or even by the roof, it can be dangerous. Since our main goal is to provide a safe space for teenagers to hang out, we have to be aware of all the possible risks everytime we plan on having activities or events. Since we can’t control all these variables we have to be especially cautious with the people that enter and exist Terraza so we aren’t liable for any problems if they occur. Risk management is also very important because it lets us know the possible consequences not only of the action but ways in which we can avoid any unwanted accidents. For example: If we plan on doing an event at terraza and it’s raining we have to take in consideration that it might get slippery if everyone walks in terraza with their shoes. This could result in many possible accidents that we would prefer avoiding. This gives us a reason to find ways to make terraza safer for the community while still being aware that there will still be risks that come with it that we won’t be able to control.

Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

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