Risk For 5th Grade Field Trip

For this week I chose to analyze the risk of a possible future field trip that I am planning with the 5th grade class to come to look at my aquaponic system, some activities that would be conducted during the field trip include going over the exact process of the aquaponic system and making a salad out of ingredients that could be grown through the system to show the potential it has. This activity would require a bus for transportation and a chaperone (Mr.Brian) to ensure safety. Even for activities such as this one, there is still a considerable possibility for something to go wrong, therefore before committing to anything analyzing the level of risk is a must. Yet even when there is a possibility for risk, sometimes it’s just a risk that needs to be taken. In regards to a field trip to my house in Matapalo,​ there are a few things that could be looked at such as the rain. Just a few days ago was our first rain, that means there are more to come soon and I don’t know how convenient it would be for us to go. Then the question arises would we even go in the rain? For that, I am not sure what the procedure would be yet I don’t know how safe nor convenient that would be. Another risk that could be considered while planning this field trip is if a kid were to wander off into the community then it would be out of our control what could happen to the child. Matapalo is mostly a safe town yet there is no knowing what could happen to a kid regardless of where they are. If this were to occur, it would result in a lot of chaos for the stakeholders because their child would be missing. Yet fear not because there are precautionary measures that can be taken to ensure all children stay safe through this field trip, such as regular head counts and reminders to stay with the group.

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