Club Journal Entry

To say that things have been difficult recently would be an understatement. I have been tried and tested in ways I couldn’t have possibly seen coming, and it has not been without sacrifice nor consequence. Although I knew things would be difficult, life has a way of surprising you with things you simply never saw coming. And so, with that, I’m sure you can understand how I reacted when I learned that on top of IB, my social life, and everything else, I had to run a club for at least the remainder of one of IB’s most arduous trimesters. To put it in a relatively journal-entry appropriate sense, I was very, very upset, and I felt like the club was nothing more than another thing to distract me and add stress. That, my friends, is not a good attitude when you’re in charge of coordinating and running a club that will require a collective effort between multiple members of student and staff. And so I had to do some serious reflection and evaluation of my options. Of course I could always try to talk my way out of it, or I could pick an easy club and take it lightly; I could also take it more seriously, which would require more work but in the end result in a much higher payoff. And so I took some time, and eventually came up with an idea that I believe would not only allow me to channel and hone my own skills, but also pass on some things I’ve learned about public speaking, confidence, and the ability to process news and current events on a government level. I believe I will also be able to help form the future student governments that will shape La Paz as it grows and expands into new roles and areas. I’m very fortunate to have some of my close friends working by my side, and I do believe that although this club was not necessarily assigned at the most convenient time, it is nothing more than a test in a constant series of tests, and it is my job to do my best even in the face of adversity. I have kids who I can tell are excited to learn new skills and improve their confidence, and If I can be even a small part of that incredible journey, I have no choice but to embrace that chance. Life, as I’ve said before more times than I can count, is not supposed to be easy. What impresses me most about human beings is our ability to overcome practically any situation, anywhere on earth, constantly pushing boundaries and proving that there is no greater power than that of human resilience.

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