My Club And Its Connection To My Project

How does it connect to your CAS project? The bio club greatly connects to my CAS project, mainly on the aspect of nutrition because part of the reason that I am doing my project on a healthy and sustainable practice is because I see a great problem in my community of people not eating the right foods for a healthy lifestyle and what I have seen through my expirices is that education is power and the more people are educated about nutrition and how food is actually processed in the body (which is going to be one of the major units we will be focusing on) then people will be empowered to make informed decisions and be aware of what they are consuming for future dietary choices.

Are you planning and initiating an activity?
I am planning to do a fifth grade field trip in the next week to showcase the system that I had previously presented to the 5th graders and the activity that I​ will be conducting is making a salad in stations, why I am doing this is because I will be using ingredients that can be grown aquaponically to show what variety you can grow and a meal that can come out of ingredients grown through the system.

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