What Were My Perceptions Of Planning An Activity Before I Did It?

I always told myself that before starting and activity I should always communicate my ideas and thoughts to my team members and create a solid plan. I have learned from previous experiences that starting a project with no plans or ideas usually doesn’t work out. Whenever there was something that needed to get done with the project, I talked to people about if it was a good idea or if there were any ways to make the job easier. Of course I have learned that that is the best way to handle an activity because it gives You time to plan and initiate it in a correct manner. If I take time to plan my activities and if I do it in the right way, My perceptions on how it will go would be positive because I took the time to do it. On the other hand If I did a quick and sloppy job I would doubt how it would turn out. The planning stages are on of the most important components of creating a successful activity.

Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Terraza Youth Center

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