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While the last 4 weeks haven’t necessarily been the most eventful weeks for the terraza youth center, they have allowed for the team to develop the internal aspect of the center and focus on the core of our business. This includes our work for the leadership team of Terraza. Anastassia and I have had meetings with Ashley to talk about how this leadership team will benefit the future of Terraza so we can start talking about who is going to take over the project for the next generation. We have also been talking about our events and new innovative ideas that will attract the community and make the center more popular. This week Anastassia and I have been preparing for the scavenger hunt on sunday, by having a meetings with ashley and figuring out the prizes for the hunt. We will also need to set up a fundraiser whether it’s a raffle or selling merchandise, to make sure that we will have enough money for future events.

Anastassia and I are going to try and set up some different activities for the center that will have some educational value or creative. We are going to try and obtain some new furniture through fundraisers and raffles, in order to develop the center so that we will get more visitors.
I am personally going to try and publish and market as much as I can over the next couple weeks to get the word a bit more out there and so people are aware that we are still in business, because recently we haven’t been getting as many teens as we’ve had in the past. Over the break I’m going to try and visit similar businesses in order to gain knowledge on how to make our business better and to improve the internal part of the business, I will also try and market the most I can so people come back and are excited for the fun activities we have planned. Our ultimate goal is to have our center published in a local newspaper or magazine and possibly be sponsored by new local businesses. Since the Terraza is a long term project every little effort we put towards the development of it, will make a change in the long term.

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