Field Trip!

Tomorrow Tuesday, June 25th is the 5th-grade field trip over to my house to check out the aquaponic system. There are a lot of connections to why this field trip is so important in the development of my CAS project as a whole. As I finalize phase one of my project which was building the actual structure of the system which was a process that I did not anticipate would take this long. Now that I am done and will have the 2 fish I can begin phase 2 of my project, which is my connection to my Extended Essay and which I am very excited about! Education regarding a balanced lifestyle, how to involve sustainable agricultural practices in your home without a high cost because continuing this project and I have to consider that it’s a high demand to ask people to build their own garden when they might not have the time or resources. But that is not the case with the activities that I want to conduct regarding the promotion of nutrition. That’s why this field trip is so important for me; the 5th-grade class is kind of like my guinea pigs because I will be applying 2 techniques that I hope to further apply with community members.
-making a salad out of aquaponically grown ingredients
-germinating seeds and creating planter made out of recycled plastic water bottles (combating global warming one step at a time!)
Why I am conducting these activities ‚Äčto aid in combat the growing diabetes crisis epidemic in Costa Rica. Guanacaste has definitely been affected by this and Matapalo is no outlier, while we are conducting these activities we will also be discussing things that the individual can be doing to better their diet without the need of spending a lot of money. I will be documenting how the field trip goes and using what I am going to learn tomorrow and apply it for my next community activity.

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