Something I Sucked At The Beginning Of Cas

CAS wasn’t an easy process, over time I was able to gain skills that I didn’t have when I started CAS. One skill I think I was not very good at in the beginning of CAS, was decision making and communication. Taking part in a youth center definitely requires you to have communication skills and decision making skills, for me I didn’t quite understand how important it was until I started the Youth center. Before we even started the center, we had to communicate with many different members of the community and get their thoughts on the youth center and if they thought it was a lack, etc… Through this process it allowed me to acquire skills like these that further allowed me to explore some of the other skills I have. Another important reason for communication and decision making is in order to share our ideas with the members of the project and to update each other on all those little details. Decision making is important in order to get to the next step, if we ever face some obstacles that are blocking us to continue. This can be reinforced by shared decision making which facilitates the process by allowing everybody ideas and incorporating them somehow. A specific time I was able to put my skills to use was. CAS night. It was a night where my team and I presented our CAS project to the community, it was scary at first seeing how many people showed up, but once I started talking about all the awesome things the youth center provides for teenagers, it sparked a glimmer of awesomeness and made me feel a sense of accomplishment. A time when I faltered was when we set up an event, but didn’t market it enough so barely anyone showed up. I was able to learn from this experience and understand the importance of marketing, which relates to the communication and decision making I learned how to effectively use throughout my life and this project.

Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Terraza Youth Center

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