Discussing My Growth

Something I used to really suck at was organization. In regards to keeping my life organized, my time, my room, my school supplies…I look back on my year of 11th grade and reflect upon the fact of how much I have changed as an individual and as a student. I knew it was going to take tie for me to gain a little more control over my life, but with the unconditional support of my peers and my teachers, I feel as if I do go living my days with more control and organization. CAS has really taught me a lesson on this and I am just now starting to recognize the lessons my CAS project has taught me. Like you really do get back the effort you put in. I wish my project was at a more advanced stage at this moment but I say that not with a negative attitude but with an ” I see how much potential I have in front of me to be able to really make a change in the community” type attitude. Right now what I want to focus on is really developing a solid and steady plant growth so I am able to show people that food can actually be grown like this without having to spend money on it. This week was also the first field trip I conducted; I was a little nervous in the beginning but once the 5th-grade class came to learn about the sustainable agricultural practice I was running (why they are interested in this apart from it being awesome is because their anchor project is about sustainable practices). But as soon as the 20 kids and 2 teachers stepped out of that bus I began speaking and I realized what I started talking about came out so easily and with me not having to really even think about it that much because this CAS project along with my EE is​ about this and after all my research on the topic I was able to answer every question and it felt like a second nature which to me was incredibly rewarding, again another instance where my work paid off and it felt really really cool, and it just makes me want to keep working hard so I can get the results I want. Now for me, it’s not that I’m not willing to put in the work it’s just so much easier to do when its in regards to something that I am passionate about. That’s kinda something I suck at, but that I am trying hard towards changing because sometimes in life you just have to put in the work (is what smart people say :)). Anyways so, in essence, I recognize my successes and failures but I feel myself still evolving so I’m not concerned that I will find out how to not suck at more things.

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