Send 2 Gratitude Emails

Thank You John Zepeda,
Hello I am writing you one of these gratitude letters because you have been there since the start of this project from accepting the idea of building a full blown Hydroponic system, starting all the way back when we went to Earth University where we saw the first aquaponic systems and we thought about how hard it would be to build one of these systems which was the spark to the idea of the hydroponics systems. I am now super grateful for you to teach me how to use all of the tools that I previously had no knowledge with, also the fact that any good ideas that I had were always 100% supported by you and when I had a bad idea you wouldn’t call it bad upfront but would give helpful criticism to make it a good idea. Thank you for everything.

Thank you Mrs Amy
Hi Amy, I don’t think I need to use a lot of words for this letter of gratitude because you know as much as I do that you keep the project alive inspiring me every day to keep working and giving it my best as well as always being there when I need someone to talk to about the CAS experience or school in general and for all of this I want to Thank you! You have done so much and I want to say that I appreciate all of it.

Created By: Lionel Scheidt, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Hydro Nature

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