Who I Am Thankful For

This year has been a long journey when regarding my CAS project; the 2 people I truly have to thank for getting me to where I stand as of now with my project are Miss.Amy and my mom. I am the type of person that needs to be pushed to do things which I recognize is one of my biggest flaws and that I continue to work on. That’s when my CAS and Business teacher comes into play when she constantly reminds me to stay on top of things and to move forward rather than remaining stagnant in my progression. I also have my mom to thank greatly for my advancements with this project; everything from watching over my fish when i’m gone to teaching me how to work my pump this process truly was possible because of her and for that I am extremely grateful. Overall I am very proud of myself and I hope I can stay motivated for next year to begin phase 3 of my project!

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