The Learning Outcome Of Planning And Initiating Your Project.

Who have I had to work with while planning the activity? How did they impact the activity?
I was able to work with John Zepeda because we were both very interested in the Hydroponics that the Earth University was doing we both enjoyed the cycling of water and how effective and compactable you could make them, so when I thought of starting my project he was the first person I remembered and decided to contact him because of his many skills in hardware and construction and it’s also very nice to have someone to work with who can teach you how to do everything correctly. John Zepeda has affected to the project in many ways from small changes in the blueprint of the farm all the way to teaching me how to put everything together, without him I would never have been able to construct the farm or even know how to begin because I don’t have sufficient knowledge in those areas to know what I am supposed to do. He has also affected me because I am forced to work in a team and communicate my thoughts to him to make sure everything runs smoothly and how its supposed to run. I have also learned to start using teamwork, from this experience I’ve noticed that a group of people can make a large difference and having support from your community is super important I have gotten better in teamwork and what it mean to work in a team.

Created By: Lionel Scheidt, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Hydro Nature

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