Journal Entry #17- Luis

Right now our project is on it’s planning stage, we are waiting to receive an answer from the letter that we are sending requesting the land next to the salon comunal in the Matapalo community, with the delivery of this letter we had some issues, this week we received and email from Lindsay requesting the letter that we thought, had already been retrieved and delivered to her by her husband, but in reality it handent, I emailed Miss.Amy because I thought that she had delivered the letter personally but then she clarified that it was left in the office for the guy to pick up, so I emailed Lindsay and asked her if she could receive the letter early monday morning and I would deliver it. I have been told by a resident of Matapalo that mondays is the day the the “junta”meets and the letter was directed to them, so with the intention of speeding up the process I wanted to deliver it as soon as possible but she didn’t answer my email until monday during school and just requested for me to leave the letter in the office for her husband to pick up on thursday or in case she had to go to the school herself.
This experience really helped me understand the importance of constant communication in a project, in this case in the planning phase of it. This situation helped me identify a personal area that I need to develop that being my communication, I understand now that even if it seems like pointless to me it might not be for someone else and I should communicate more frequently to make sure things are going well.

The activity that we are planning is a movie night in order to raise funds for our project, we need this funds to get all the necessary materials to build the fertilizer shed. I think the website is a very useful tool for planning as it includes a “gantt chart” type of organizer and the materials list is also very good because it includes prices and approximated amount necessary.

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