Journal Entry #16-noah

Since we have not had any activities yet in our CAS experience I will talk about what we are planning and my ideas/aspirations. My perceptions on how this activity will go are that it will go well and we will make some money that will supplement the other sources of money that will be going into this project. The other sources of money that i’m talking about are things like the possible wonderment grant, which is something that we would have to earn and as of right now it looks like we are working towards that, as we have already completed our website and have received small bits of recognition for past journal entries (ethical limitations journal entry). Another possible source of money for our project that we will be taking into account is that help that futuro brillante will be giving us. As a big organization we are hoping that throughout the project we will receive money and volunteers to help with construction or maintenance. The activity that we are in the process of planning will have many moving parts and already in the absolute beginning of the planning process we have encountered obstacles and victories. Also we have had to talk to many people including Ms. Amy, Lindsay and different younger kids to see what they would like. The goals of our activity will ultimately be to make money because in the end the reason for this activity is that, without money we can’t go on with our project. But another goal for this activity can be that we put on a community activity that involves different ages and groups. For instance things like the movie night which we are in the process of planning, will bring in money that can then immediately go towards our project but it will also give us the opportunity to show different cultures and trends in our movie choices. The list that people can choose from will be specially curated so that each movie has a interesting and meaningful message for the younger grades so that it is a learning experience while also being very fun.

Aside from the fact of our activity planning the past week has been a very good learning experience for Luis and I in the project. Thanks to Luis we have been keeping in constant communication with both major parties that are relevant in our project, Lindsay in matapalo and Ms. Amy from our La Paz community. What we have learned is that communication is key and that not only is important to talk to the person who will be receiving certain things but it is also important to talk to the source of the information and the middle man. Once we can make our communication with all parties more fluid we will see a huge positive impact on our project.

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