Activity Journal Entry #26 (Summer)

Activity Journal Entry #26 (Summer)

During summer I trained a lot with my Santa Cruz team.   What were the ethical implications of your actions? Some ethical implications of my actions were the strong mentality of getting better and not only mentally but also fiscal. This implication came with actions in everyday life like eating healthy, sleeping 8 hours and more.    How did you show perseverance and commitment?   What challenges did you take on? What skills did you develop? Some challenges I took were waking up very early in the morning and traveling to Santa Cruz to train. Some things I learned were determination and compromise. This is because it was not easy but it was something that I like to do and something that made me grow in my sport. This led me to develop a sustainable lifestyle that made me capable of following this routine. Another challenge I faced was when my soccer shoes broke and I had to work very hard to buy new ones. During this I learned the skill of responsibility and patience since I need shoes to play with.   

Created By: Jose Moreno, Costa Rica

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