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For my CAS project I had a couple ideas. I liked to work in the yearbook of the school. I always liked the idea of designing it and helping it get produced and sold. I was part of the yearbook committee last year and I had fun working there. I would also like to ask the student community what ideas they would like, not only the students that form the committee, but all of the students. I would make surveys so that all of the students are happy with the end results. One barrier that I might have is the fact that this year, the yearbook committee is already directed by two senior students. They told me, however, that I could have it next year and I hope I get the chance too. With a good responsable team, my teamwork skills will definitely come in handy.

Since seventh grade, when I got into La Paz, I’ve been hearing about the “Students Sponsoring Students” project and I always thought it was a great idea. This project raises money for the many scholarships that La Paz counts with. One of my greatest skills is kindness and I would love to help this project succeed. From past students I’ve heard that this is a very time consuming project. That might be a challenge, but there is nothing that I can’t do if I put my mind to it. In this project, the student has to make fundraisers to achieve the final goal. This has been a successful project and I’d love to be a part of it. 

Last year, while working at the Snack Shack, we had a student from the now senior class that would come up with money so that the students that couldn’t afford a snack would be able to buy something to eat. The students that would get this treat were the less privileged. He would help around 4 students with a budget of 1000 colones every day. Since the first day, I thought this was an awesome idea. It shouldn’t be a privilege to keep your stomach full. I want to follow this project or even help Either, who currently runs it. I want to help more than 4 students. I want to help students from high school, middle school and elementary. My plan is to come up with enough money to pay the Snack Shack in advance so that every day they can get a snack. One barrier could be choosing the students that get helped. But I know that with the help of teachers and students I will find a way to figure this out. I could also make this a part of Students Sponsoring Students or collaborate with that project and unlike the yearbook, this does help the community in a good way.

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