BabySitting Güilas

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Baby Sitting Güilas

A platform where parents of young La Paz students can hire high school La Paz students to babysit their children.

Una plataforma donde los padres de jóvenes estudiantes de La Paz pueden contratar estudiantes de secundaria de La Paz para cuidar a sus hijos.

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Matias Rodriguez Barberis

What I like:
In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends. I love spending time with them whenever I can. I like going out with them. I feel like I can be myself and I feel heard and appreciated when im with them. Apart from that, they make me laugh and every moment I spend with them makes me happy. I also enjoy going to the gym. is a space where I get to be by myself away from my house, except if my dad joins me. Its a little escape from my family that's very appreciated by me.
What I Do:
As a person I am a very social, kind and hard working. I enjoy socializing with anyone. I feel like im a very social person in general and I work very well in group projects. I consider myself very organized and hard working, I always try to do my best and more. I tend to be very nice and kind to everyone and I know that that comes in hand with a good teamwork.
What I Want:
With CAS I want to help people. not any people, but people that are really in need. people that want help. La Paz is a big community that is full of awesome members that are always down to help. and that help is awesome for us to come together and make this a better place for those who need it. I wanna be able to make a change for good.
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