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Jan 26, 2023

  • Describe what you did this week to move your project forward.
  • What are the challenges that you faced this past week when working on the project? 
  • How do they make you feel? How did you overcome them?
  • What new skills did you learn while working on your project this week? Describe it/them? How can you use this skill in the future?
  • What about these challenges excite you or scare you? How do you use that energy to move your project forward?

This week I did nothing. I thought about doing stuff, but I had no motivation. I guess I could say I had other stuff to do but I don’t think I had much to do.  The challenges I faced were procrastination and overall laziness. I was supposed to watch a video but i really didn’t and i just kept moving it forward but i never watched it. I was also supposed to present in Morning Meeting yesterday but I didn’t talk to my partner, however I want to present next week in the morning meeting. I guess it felt so good to do nothing in my freetime; sometimes when I get home I can’t even think about doing homework because I feel like I will die. What I’m saying is that this is where my procrastination starts. It scares me to think how hard it is to stop procrastinating because school is already so hard that it annoys me and frustrates me to get home and keep doing school related activities. This is just something that I need to work on because it’s going to affect my school life and in the future my work life and overall life.

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