CAS Update

November 10, 2022

Explain the steps that you have taken to start the project. 

  • To start off the project, Samantha and I have to make a clear plan. In this plan we have to decide if we are starting off with a website or another online way that parents can access the babysitters. We have to also declare the ages of students that we will be recluding and work our way with the salaries. An important part that we will also be discussing is the recruitment of the actual babysitters and how we are going to do so.  

Explain what will be done this week to move the project forward.

  • Me and Samantha will discuss how we are going to recruit the babysitters and what platform we are going to initially use for the actual service of babysitting. We also want to talk and decide if we need a budget to start off. Perhaps we should buy a website or something of the sort.  

Explain an obstacle that you are encountering and how you will manage to overcome that obstacle.

  • Right now we aren’t very sure how to start off. We want to initially create some sort of platform and follow that by talking to the candidates that want to be hired. We have to check that these are responsible and trustworthy students because after all, we can’t just hire everyone, we want the most responsible and trustworthy students. 

Explain a success that you are feeling and how that is fueling motivation for the project. 

Attach a piece of evidence to show your work.

  • Samantha and Samantha have done a very good job filming and editing a video explaining our CAS project. This video will be shown at CAS night and we hope that this will inform all of the parents of La Paz about our project; hopefully they’ll be interested and take us into consideration. 

CAS Video

Created By: Baby Sitting Güilas

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