You can write about any of the 7 learning outcomes. Share what life lessons you have learned in this class and how CAS has taught you the lessons. How are you going to use these new skills in your life going forward?

I’m going to be discussing the learning outcome of being a communicator; This is one of the most important skills one should have, not only for CAS, but for life. If one is not a communicator then they will not get their point across, one will not be able to express their ideas or succeed in life. It’s very important as well for Samantha and I given that we have to communicate and get our project to be known by the community. This is one of the life lessons that we learned during CAS. Whenever we had trouble while getting customers, then we understood that our project was not being communicated correctly throughout the community of la paz. I will use this communication skill to get to better places. However, I have to not be scared to express my ideas given that they might be great ideas, but I just wouldn’t know if I don’t express them.

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