Journal Writing Log

Demonstrate- Who do I have to work with while planning the activity? How do they impact the activity?

  • The main person that I need to work with is Samantha. She is the partner of my project so she needs to have in mind anything that I do. It also works vise versa; anything that she does she should tell me because I also expect her to do so. Miss Amy is also someone that I have to inform because after all she is our teacher and guide through the process. I will mainly be communicating to them. Also, I think that it’s a good idea to ask my whole class questions because I feel like we are a very united class. The other day I asked the whole class how much we should charge an hour for a babysitter and they all helped me to get to the final price that we have set on our being-built website.  

Demonstrate- What challenges do i need to take on to start my project? How do I feel about these challenges? 

  • Our biggest challenge right now is that we don’t have a website. We have to work on this website when we come back from break and during break. We started it last CAS class and we found out that it wasn’t as easy as we thought it was going to be. Maybe we have to use another page or another site but for the one we are using right now, it’s hard. For the website to be perfect as we want it it’s going to take us a long time and work. Right now that is the only challenge we have because we can do much without it. After we have it done, we need to collect the student’s that want to work with us and right after that, we have to let the parents know about us and our new organization. 


Demonstrate- What is the value of the projects? How does it affect others? 

  • I think my project has great value and potential. It helps different groups in our community. It can help students to make their own money and income for when they are in high school and learn values and responsibility, it can help parents of students in La Paz to find someone safe to take care of their kids and even the young students can find someone older to serve them as a role model and even as a friends. There are many more benefits that can come out of me and Samantha’s project but just these three can show how much it affects others in a positive way. 

Demonstrate- How does it feel to work with others? 

  •  I feel like this can be a trick question. I love working with others but in some cases i don’t. I’m glad that someone has my back in this complicated 2 year project and I’m thankful for Samantha’s work. However, I do tend to be a little bit bossy and controlive. I like things to be done well and the way that I like them. Maybe this can cause trouble in the future with the layout of the website. I personally think though, that me and Samantha work very well together and have hope that this will never happen. I always try to do all of my work and I hope that Samantha is ready to do so as well because i f i have to rush her and end up doing her stuff then I will get annoyed. I also have to learn to accept mistakes and that we arent perfect and so I’ll try to do so these next two years. 

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