Engaging in issues of global importance

Jan 31, 2023 

  • In what ways does your consciousness need to shift?
  • How does CAS help you with your version of shifting your consciousness?
  • How does your project help students be less egocentric?
  • In what ways are you serving yourself with your project? Is that ok? 
  • What issue of global importance are you addressing and how can you reach out to others to support your efforts?

After taking CAS class for around 4 months now, I realize how it changes my consciousness. I’m more conscious about how people live compared to how I live and the privilege that a lot of us have in La Paz. Not everyone has the opportunity of studying in the school we do apart from other factors like even sleeping with a belly full. It’s important that more students in the school are able to realize how lucky they are. Our project will help students’ consciousness change; they will realize that getting money isn’t as easy as they think it is and maybe stop and think about how they can make more money by themselves. In a selfish and egocentric society that we live in we wan’t, through this project, to make teenagers realize how they can help others (in this case parents). They will also learn the values that come with babysitting; patience, understanding, honesty and patience may be ones that come with. And hopefully the participating students will be able to be less egocentric and materialistic when they see other people’s realities and their homes. 

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