Why am I doing this? Do I want to do this? What do I want to do? Think about next steps after La Paz.

I wondered many times what was the reason why I was doing this project. It seemed really clear given that it was my mission statement. I wanted a place where students of La Paz could find a job that is simple and that makes them learn the basic idea of responsibility. Also a form on how to make money. I wish that when I was in 9th or 10th grade I  had the chance for babysitting jobs so that I could start to save money. But I never really did, just sometimes for my siblings, which I didn’t get paid for, obviously, and some of my dads friends’ daughters.  However I wish that the project was more successful than it is given that many of the jobs are taken by the same people given that they are in the same area. 

I do want to do this project, it’s just that i feel like part of it is done. The website is done, the ideas are up and the workers are ready. But there are many flaws because when I get a job for the weekend, almost no one wants it or no one is available because, it is the weekend after all. And also many of the jobs that we get are from people whom we have explained the job to in person. I would love to keep doping this project but we just don’t have a lot of people that know about it. I swear to God, the next advertisement that I will do is to make little posters and put them individually in the backpacks of every student in Arenal and Miravalles so the parents get the message. 

Again, I just want people to know us and to hire our students so that the purpose can be accomplished. However, that will take time and effort that Samantha and I have already put into the project. I guess that after summer we will really see what happens. Maybe I will just leave it all to Samantha and take over Millie’s school newspaper. I feel like that would keep me more motivated. If not I would just work in the complete promotion and advertising of BabySitting Güilas. I guess that after I leave La Paz I should work on something that keeps me motivated and something that I enjoy. I enjoy working on the project and I love what we have accomplished, but it bums me out a little bit that it doesn’t work as well as we liked it.

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