What activity have you been doing to stay balanced and healthy this trimester? How does it make you feel when you are working out or being physically active? How does this help you understand your strengths and areas for growth? What about commitment? Is it important for you to commit to working out? Why? Do you need collaboration to work out or are you an independent exerciser?

To stay balanced and healthy I’ve been going to the gym whenever I can. I used to go three times a week but it has started to be very busy or tired or not enough willpower to go. Now I have been going like twice or once a week. I try. 

When I do go, I feel very productive and good about myself afterwards. I think it just makes me feel good and I kind of feel like my body really appreciates it. This makes me understand that as an IB student and person, I have to be more balanced and understand that it’s just an hour where I focus on myself. 

However, I do live a little bit far and finding a taxi on the road can be annoying after the gym because then, I would have to walk all the way to my house after and it’s such a big effort when I’m staying with my dad given that he lives on a tall hill. 

I do feel that I need to add more commitment given that it’s good for me to exercise. Also, my mom is paying for the gym after all so i want to try to not send that money to waste. 

Getting to the gym is the easy part though. I normally get down from the bus there with a couple of my friends from school. Sometimes it’s all of us, sometimes it’s two or sometimes it’s only me. I’m the only one that regularly takes that bus with the other friends but when it’s only me, I have no motivation to go by myself. However, when I do go by myself I prefer it. It’s nice and peaceful. However I hate when the gym is full and having some of my friends makes me a little more confident I guess. After this journal entry I realized that I have to try to not depend on anyone to get my workouts.

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