What are the successes from this trimester? What are the areas that I can grow in? What were the challenges that were taken on and what was learned from them? How did I show perseverance and commitment this trimester?

This trimester was full of successes for Babysitting Güilas. First of all, we are really grateful that the project was able to go where it is right now with the amount of time we had. It was also great that we had all of the support from students; we need them to be a part of this and to work with us, so that was great. Another success that we had was to almost finish the website. The website is a key part of the project because this is the way that we reach out to parents and then the way that they reach out to us. We had one job, which was a win because we had to send three sitters and that was a great start. They were able to confirm to other students how the system worked. Miss Kerry keeps helping us and giving us jobs, which is a life saver. We have 2 new ones for this week. I need to find a sitter for each one. 

However, there are always areas to work on. We have to finish the website. Its pretty advanced but we have to add the picture of students. If at the start of the next trimester Grace Hoffmann does not send me the school pictures then i have to take individual photos of the students to use because we have to move on. We need more advertisements because lots of parents dont know about us. Advertising will be the priority of the next trimester; making advertisements, appearances, videos, anything that takes for parents to know us. 

I don’t think that many challenges were presented to us. But there were factors that we could work on. There were definitely moments where we could both Samantha and I, work on the website at home but we didn’t. We have to take more time out of our schedule to finish the project. 

The perseverance that we had this trimester came from the liking of the project. We really enjoy this project and we want it to be as successful as possible. Apart from that it’s a great opportunity for many students and parents to, one, gain experience, learn new values or exercise the ones that they already have, to make money and two, for parents to be comfortable while they take a night off and for them to know that they don’t have to worry about the kids.


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