How have you used the social (collaboration) and communication ATLs while working on your project? Give examples.

This week was very successful for us because of all that we have accomplished. Miss Kerry heard from our project in the morning meeting and recommended us to her friends coming in from the United States. They are coming with 9 kids and need 3 sitters. This is perfect because we needed Miss Kerry’s collaboration added to me and Samantha to start the project. We are sending  Tahj from 9th grade, Amila from 10th and Diego from 11th. These are all responsible students that were approved by Kerry. We hope that this Sunday everything goes great and that the students are responsible enough. On Friday, tomorrow, I will talk to them and make sure they know what to do and remind them about a few details. We are very excited to hear everything on tuesday and see how the payment went, the students are most excited for that. Apart from that, we finished our ad. This will go out in next Wednesday’s letter to all of the parents. This is an incredible way of communication because it contacts us with almost every parent of La Paz. The ad is very general but we did mention the basics and a little note on the bottom staging that we will come up with more information. I’m also excited to communicate to everyone in next week’s Morning Meeting about the hopefully successful babysitting session. 

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