Read the article and answer the following questions. Relate them to your project. Why is creativity considered higher over thinking and why do you think that it is necessary to practice creativity? How have you used creativity in your project? What practices can you use from the article to increase creativity? How does creativity relate to TOK?

Creativity can help someone to have better solutions or better luck. Creativity is very important given that for us to evolve and come up with new ideas, we have to be creative. All of the new technologies, fashions and projects came from creative people. And yes thinking seems like a very different process but it also comes with creativity; the best ideas come from creative thoughts. It is all a similar concept. Therefore, creativity comes in a daily basis and its important to practice creativity. One could develop a hobby like it was mentioned in the article. Any hobby, no matter if it seems weird or purposeless. 

Creativity is used very often in BabySitting Güilas. For us to promote the project we have to think outside the box. Our last advertisement was to print the posters and hang them on the wall where the little kids get picked up. This came from me and Samantha’s creativity and it will positively affect our project.

The article brings many ways to improve the use of creativity. The article conveys on how while in high school and graduate school, one can suffer stress and many ways in which our ways to be creative can decrease. Therefore, it’s important for one to practice creativity actively around us. CAS class is very helpful given that we unbottle all of our creativity from business class and all of the other ideas that we come up during school in this very project. This is a very good way to have a slight studying break where we can be creative.

Like I mentioned before, thinking is also a way of creative expression; great ideas and thoughts are equal to creative ideas and thoughts. During TOK class we openly express our creative ideas and create discussion. This helps us all obtain new knowledge and see everything from an open-minded perspective. Therefore, creativity is also very important in TOK.

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