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This week we mainly worked on our website. Samantha and I organized the names of the students on the website. We divided them between towns and where they lived. Samantha made a google form while i worked and asked all of the sitters to make a little paragraph explaining why they are good for the job, the languages they spoke and skills. This was added under their name and photo in the website. Of course the site is not done, there is more information that we might need to add but that will be fast. Gracie, the senior in charge of the yearbook committee, will give me the school pictures of the students so that we are able to add it to the website. 

Working on the website makes me and Samantha feel great because this just means that we are closer to be advanced with our project. Whenever we have the website done then we will be able to be open to business and finally reach our goal. This would help my life, then I would have more time for other things because I have a little less schoolwork; I can also probably work because I could get called for a job and earn some money for the break, or a job for the break. 

This project is also able to bring me to many people. Now I am talking ore to all of the new sitters because, as one of the directors of the project, it’s my job to keep in contact with the students working. I like that I get to meet new people because it’s an opportunity to grow and meet new people. I go to the gym 3 times a week and I feel like tha can also meet people because you see so many people every day that you get to talk to them eventually and meet them.

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