What was accomplished this week? What did those actions mean for your project? How were the stakeholders affected? What did you learn from doing those actions? What comes next?

This week what we did was create a small website. We finally did it. But not really; we used Google Sites which is a google app that creates documents that look like websites. It serves similar functions to a google document. However, this is a better way to present ourselves to the parents. It’s a creative website looking sheet. There the parents can encounter all of the babysitters and see the purpose of our project. This is our pre website. 

This was a huge advance for our project. Now the parents will have an actual place to go because we overcame the obstacle of not having a website; to overcome it we just used something that looks like a real website and serves the same purposes. Thanks to the new online page, the parents will have way easier access to our product, therefore, benefiting us. 

What I learned from this process of creating this page is that this is really a two person job. I really appreciated Samantha while she was helping me with the website. We would be way behind if it weren’t because of  both of us working together. The next step for the project is to get clients and start working. We need to work on the advertising because if i’m honest, we have everything ready but what’s missing is a group of loyal parents. What we need is to have around 4 or 5 jobs done to know that it’s running well. 

Created By: Baby Sitting Güilas

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