Aspirations, self-awareness, curiosity, vulnerability.

Today we reannounced our project in the morning meeting. We decided to do so because last week a lot of people skipped school which was not helpful to get the word around. We also aspire that people sign up today or sometime this week. I didn’t really look at the sign up sheet today; I didn’t really think about it. Tomorrow though i will check it and, hopefully, someone signed up. One of the biggest factors that we should focus on right now are people actually signing up so we want people to do that soon. We are, however, open-minded that people will do so because if you think about it, why wouldn’t they like a little part time job here and there? We have to be creative and come up with something else that attracts them to the job. If students don’t sign up, our project will become very vulnerable. The students are the ones who make this work after all, and without them the project will fail. Of course this won’t happen and students are going to sign up, we are here manifesting it. 

Samantha and I were talking last CAS class and wondering how we are going to see the project in a couple months. Will it be a success or a failure? I guess we were just wondering and curious about the future of Babysitting Güilas because we do care about the project and hope the best for it, all of the students involved who we promised a side job and the parents of the school that will trust us in the short future.

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