What are your plans for the trimester? How are you going to achieve them? What do you need to make them reality? How will you know that you have been successful?

Now that we are back this trimester we have one main goal, promote our project. The website is pretty much done, but we need to communicate that this website and service actually exists. We want parents mainly to be aware of the project. There are many ways that we have in mind for us to market our project. The main and most easy way is to send more advertisements to the weekley letter because many parents receive it, mainly the ones with younger children. We also want to directly communicate with the teachers and maybe even make fliers and ask teachers to hand them after school to parents. Another way to publicly announce it, could be during Ruta La Paz where there will be many members of our community. I personally think that flyers are very creative and parents will enjoy the advertisement. All that we need for a proper communication/advertisement of the project are creative, fun, outstanding ways for us to make an impact on the parents. If we intend to make the flyers, it would be smarter to print them with color and for that we will definitely need money. I’m not sure how much or how many we need but I feel like we will definitely use the idea of flyers because of how creative and how fast the word can spread through a visual.  

Feedback: Flyers are a good idea of spreading the word about your project, you should also consider posting on social media since not all the community goes to these events. Passing flyers in Ruta La Paz could impact your project in a positive way, you should also consider spreading the word to students of joining. Think on how many flyers you need to spread the word since it is an important factor for your project.

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