How have you used one of the above ATLs while working on your project? Give examples. How has your experience in this area enhanced your ability to learn in other classes or prepared you for life in general?

During this project I used a lot of communication and social skills. To complete this project I had to work with Samantha and that includes a lot of communication. We both work well together and this is because of our ability to communicate our ideas. When we were designing our logo it was important that we communicated what ideas we liked and what ideas we didn’t like. There were many initial prototypes that we made but we ended going with the round shape rather than the one I originally drew.  

Not just in CAS, but in many other classes I need to work socially and be able to communicate with my classmates. In many classes we do stations where we have to work with others, so the social skills come in handy. For life in general it’s important to be social and be able to communicate your ideas because no one is going to read your mind. 

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