Approaches to Learning

Approaches to Learning

How have you used the “communication skills” ATL while working on your project? As my basketball clinics are a business for the community, I need to market just as one would with any other business. This means that I have to use the knowledge I learned from business class in order to construct a piece of advertising that encapsulates the business side of the program. I wanted to put emphasis on the business side and attract kids that will pay for the lessons, as they will be the base foundation of funding for equipment and any overheads. I decided to use a flyer format that I will post on social media, as they are the most accessible and easiest to spread around on social media pages and communities. As my target market is parents in the area, I chose Facebook as my primary form of advertising as that’s where a large majority of my market communicates. At first, I struggled to use Facebook and was new to the whole experience, but I quickly learned to adapt to it, which proved to be beneficial to my program as I received a plethora of new students. Furthermore, I had to stay up to date on Facebook and communicate with parents, answering questions and organizing their child's attendance. It’s through these communication skills of marketing that I learned and used that I was able to target my market on Facebook and bring in additional students.   How has your experience in this area enhanced your ability to learn in other classes, or prepare you for life in general? Explain. This experience in starting my own business and marketing has taught me the difficulties and challenges of being an entrepreneur. I learned dedication and work ethic, as well as how slow a business is when it starts. This has helped me in my understanding of business class. I can now relate to the ideas and concepts in a way that I never thought of before. I can apply the course content to my own business and aid me in better understanding what needs to be done and what will work.

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