ATLs Journal Entry

The Approaches to Learning from the IB are as follows: Thinking - (creative, critical, transfer) Communication skills (to deliver messages but also to interpret them) Research skills Social (collaboration) Self Management (executive function skills, mindfulness, self-motivation)
How have you used one of the above ATLs while working on your project? Give examples.                                                                                                                                                                   Some of the ATL’s that the Ib provides within my experience in my CAS project are all of the attributes. I have used thinking as one of the main resources within the course and process of my project. Thinking evolves many different ways such as a very broad external way of thinking which is having in mind the fact that we are helping a family to grow and escape from poverty. But then there's a more idealistic way of thinking such creating new ideas of how to fundraise and logistically, planning and organizing events require a lot of thinking but as well communication.  Communication and social aspects are what construct the essence of good relationships with those around me and those who work with me. I’ve learned that communicating thoughts, emotions and other aspects really creates a bond within yourself internally and externally. In my surroundings I have a great communication with my peers especially Geyra since she's my partner in the project. We’ve created a unique bond of mothers who are willing to help out this family. We've created a community of empathetic, caring, open-minded and reflective individuals which shape our objective efficiently.  Research skills could contribute to marketing research skills. This aspect of marketing was not as challenging, however we were hosting a wine tasting fundraiser but we had to postpone it because there was a lack of people who did not sign up. Although it seemed like a negative thing, it’s really not. This leads us to reflect on what we can do better for the new postponed date of the event. With that being said, we will make sure that people understand and evaluate our project, because we want to create awareness and above all we want people to really donate and help out this family in need.  Self-management is something I am still working on through my journey as a student. However self management in relation to my CAS project was well conducted. Myself and Geyra are very motivated, we always find a way to organize fundraisers to get money from the community. We have stayed on track with our objectives and our biggest objective was the wine tasting fundraiser, however even though it got postponed we will continue to work hard in order to gain success and achieve our goal to make a dream a reality.
How has your experience in this area enhanced your ability to learn in other classes or prepared you for life in general?Explain.                                                                                           These experiences have enhanced my ability to understand myself, others and mostly time. This prepared me for life in general just because there’s things that we can't always get the way we want it too. Which is okay. I am very grateful for myself because I've become more mature in how I see life and future experiences. Failing is okay, next time failing is better. I try to tell myself this every time something doesn't go the way I expected. My humbleness and personality see this more like a lesson than a negative obstacle. I am more than grateful for what I have and even though Daisy is going through a very difficult time with her family, it doesn't make them less. Their personality and kindness reflects more than what money could give. Despite poverty, this family continues to value love, kindness and other people's good hearts and what I've learned from them is that money can't buy happiness. Yes! It can buy anything related to material needs, but money can't and will never buy love. If I've learned something from Daisy is to shift my ideology of needing materialistic things to a more realistic mindset. That love, family love can shape what's impossible to a reality if we’re all willing to help those in need. In today's society many people are suffering from poverty, but are deeply miserable because they're also suffering from lack of love. So, what can I do for others in my future? What can I do for others now? To love others radically so they wonder why.

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